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DIY Solar NiCd Charger

The first picture shows a 6v - 6" square of 'glass' made into a solar panel. The second picture shows NiCds in holders attached to the rear. This keeps them from overheating in the direct rays of the sun.The 4 AA NiCds are in series connected to a terminal block which carries a diode to prevent the cells discharging back into the panel overnight.This size of panel should recharge the NiCds in one day's sunshine.An alternative is to charge 2 D size NiCds or 4 D NiCds in 1.5 days of sun (the panel gives more power at 6v than 3v)
NiCds can replace any dry cell of the same size for torches, lamps, etc but have less capacity before discharging. This is of no concern if they can be recharged every day or two where there is plenty of sun

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