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Rechargeable Batteries

NiCd Cells

We supply NiCd cells, which replace throw-away dry cells, and these can be charged up in two possible ways; either in a radio battery compartment or in a separate solar charger. We supply materials and instructions for assembling solar battery chargers for AA and D size NiCds.The first picture shows low capacity (1.2Ah) NiCds in a battery holder with a connector whose leads fix in a terminal block, etc for solar charging.The second picture illustrates one way that low-cost special NiCds can be adapted. We also supply non-standard low-cost NiCd cells that need adapting. One case is shown opposite.

Lead-Acid Accumulators (Car Batteries)

This type of battery is widely available in many developing countries often being taken long distances to a town charging station. They are used for powering TVs, small lamps, etc.Unfortunately, unlike NiCds, they need careful use to last a reasonable time and we send instructions, if requested, to ensure they will last several years instead of a few months only!

We do not sell normally them.

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