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DIY Solar Pumping

We are developing a new approach to solar water pumping!
Unlike normal high-capacity solar pumps, we use small 12v pumps, such as opposite, to provide a small flow at minimum-cost!

All present solar systems are designed for minimum maintenance. Ours it might well be said, is the opposite - maximising maintenance!
Obviously this approach introduces all sorts of possible problems but our aim is, as always, to offer something AFFORDABLE!

If we are to maximise the use of solar power and not limit it to the rich or highly subsidised, we think this this more important than reliablity - but it means that the customer must install and maintain the system himself including the solar panels.
The Proposed DIY Solar Pumping System

The pictures on the right show a rig to simulate this situation using a ladder to give the height with the pumped water then draining back into the lower bucket that contains one of the pumps.
A 12v solar panel/battery provides the power for both pumps

Diagram Key

The diagram below shows two pumps at A and C in use for a well about 6m deep. Pump A is directly connected to pump C etc, as required.
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