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DIY Solar Array

By assembling a number of DIY Solar panels and then constructing a frame on which they are mounted, a DIY Solar array can be made as shown opposite.
All it then requires is for the panels to be connected together, as required. This depends on the voltage and current required, as detailed in the leaflet.
The array can be used for a number of purposes but the main interest seems to be for the solar charging of car and TV batteries.

Detailed instructions are sent when the materials are ordered.

As we have stated elsewhere, using lead-acid batteries correctly requires careful attention. We do not supply these batteries but will provide maintenance instructions where people intend solar charging them.
Damp Proofing

It is important to realise that we offer solar material that really needs protection against damp. So far, in most cases, people prefer to avoid this problem by ensuring their DIY Solar panels do not get damp!
In fact we have found a simple effective way of preventing damp corrosion using paint but to do it properly does require the use of soldering equipment.

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