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Solar Converting Appliances

We outline here how many appliances, normally powered by dry cells,  can be easily solar powered providing rechargeable NiCd
batteries are available. This applies to cassettes, lamps, fans, etc.

A typical basic solar conversion is indicated in the above pictures above of the battery compartment of a cassette. This technique applies to any number of cells and/or appliances. Detailed instructions are sent along with instructions concerning the solar panel required.

Basically, leads from the solar panel are attached to the first and last cell in series where they make contact with the compartment contacts to the appliance circuit.
For those with electrical skills, neater ways are indicated with leads, diode, etc, all hidden.

Using Car Batteries

Obviously, for powering 12v appliances, 12v car batteries can be solar charged, as with NiCds. However, as we warn in the Rechargeable Batteries page, lead-acid batteries are not easy to maintain correctly and they usually have short lives. Where they are readily available, we supply instructions on the construction of DIY Solar Arrays for charging stations.

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